Council of American Indian Organizations A Blooming Cultural Garden

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Following prayer, President and main Garden Tender, Shirley Murphy called the October meeting of the Council of American Indian Organizations to order.

Held at the Indian Human Resource Center on Fairmont Avenue. the meeting brought together representatives of several community groups and stakeholders.

Ms. Murphy’s “get down to business” approach covered a busy agenda which focused on organizational structure, committee appointments and in house community issues. Christopher Scott shared his charming positive energy by facilitating the setting up of food and decorations prior to the meeting. Clearly the positive seeds planted by this groups’ originators have developed into sophis-ticated, scholarly and socially conscious seedlings, under Shirley Murphy’s direction.

Her passion for education and nonnonsense business style is intoxicating. “We are not a new organization but a renewed organization,” She makes no apologies for insisting on and demanding excellence for the community that she represents.

The gatherings are educational, inspirational, teachable moments. No one in attendance will come away without knowledge of Cogitative Learning theories and conceptual frameworks that describe how information is absorbed, processed, and retained during learning. “ Emphasis is also placed on the unique aspect of American Indian culture.

While going about our community work we need to get comfortable with exercising our sovergnity. We must act as sovereign people..” In response to a comment from a guest who refereed to the group as grassroots.

Ms. Murphy firmly pointed out “We are not Grassroots, we are an educated, professional body doing important cultural work” The future of the Council of American Indian Organizations is exciting. All interested parties are encouraged to attend the November 30th meeting at Centro De La Raza In Balboa Park.