About Indian Voices


To advance and promote a supportive system of information sharing grounded in Native Indigenous values and traditions while developing pioneering efforts to build bridges with emerging grassroots coalitions of labor and community groups in order to create a sustainable economic environment.


Indian Voices Media project is the culmination of efforts on the part of community members intent on assisting with the development of an entrepreneurial journalistic endeavor.  Dedicated to bringing the voices of the marginalized and the indigenous members of our society into the national discours. To not only influence policy makers, but to enhance the pool of educational material to inform the mainstream about the important role of indigenous people, whose enduring presence in the development of our history and society assures its future.
Particular emphasis is given to exploring and revealing the historically strong connection that exists between Black / Indian cultures.
This loose affiliation of volunteers and change agents contribute to the production of a monthly print newspaper and a developing cutting edge website offering academics and social critics a platform for expression.
This ongoing project has been under guidance and supervision of Rose Davis.  A long time advocate of a sustainable and healthy, balanced living environment and whose work toward this end is her raison d'etre.


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