Citizen Suing San Diego MTS for injuries by Nancy Cuskaden

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A year ago, July 28, 2016, at 5:15p.m., I attempted to board an MTS #7 bus at 54th Street  and University ave.   When I stepped onto the bus the door jackknifed, knocked me broadside, HITTING MY TRIGEMINAL NERVE, crippling my whole Being.  Google;  (San Diego woman questions MTS door safety), 7-13-17/CH. 10.

My appointment was at 5:30.  By the time I got to  69th street, last stop, MY PAIN WAS TOO MUCH and I realized that my best bet was to head back home.   So, I crossed University to the East bound MTS Bus Stop to return home.  NOT FEELING WELL, WITH LOTS OF PAIN, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to board the approaching bus, for fear of vomiting.

Lo and behold, it was the same damn bus I had just gotten off of;  She circled and made a U-turn at 70th.  MY PAIN was increasing and I knew the best thing was to get home.  As I boarded the bus the same damn door clipped me on the shoulder, bus driver says, “It's been doing that all day!”  Almost crying, I said, “Then why in the hell don't you get the damn thing off the streets?”

Neither of these DOOR INCIDENTS were Logged on “MTS Route Bus Door Incident for 2016”.  This 2016 list had 19 other incidents, where people were contacted by the doors, but neither of my INCIDENTS were Logged, making me wonder what information MTS Supervisor Mark Held, in Risk Management, used in his investigation, before DENYING my Claim.  And,  his; “offer as a good will gesture; twelve month transit ($216.00) compass card in exchange for a signed Release of all Claims.”  Held didn’t even take time to sign the “Letter of Denial”. Of course, I am going to walk into a Court of Law, with an  'unsigned' “Letter of Denial”.

The first thing MTS did was to REMOVE my judge, with a 170.6, on the Grounds of Prejudice!  Then, MTS sent me a Motion to appear in court August 11, 2017, then MTS gets rid of their lawyer, then I get a new judge, then MTS gets a new lawyer,  AND NO ONE SHOWED UP ON THE COURT DATE.        Are we having fun........................ YET????????????  Just because I step onto a damn MTS bus...........  Plus thirty-one yrs, in Mexico and I NEVER HAD A BUS INCIDENT.   These Tinhorns sound just like Pinche Sanders' "STRONG-ARM/CHICAGO STYLE" BLACKMAIL,,,,,,,,,,                                                                                 OR AM I BEING SNOWBALLED?!?!?

 In the meantime, The San Diego City Council   'unanimously'  agreed to pay a La Jolla woman $235,000.00 DOLLARS”, when she decided to ride her bike on a potted road, popped her head and bingo;                         ¼ MILLION DOLLARS payout.

YES!   I AM “OUT OF THE BOX”.   I haven't seen a doctor, nor been a patient in a hospital, for more than 25 years.  AS A LIFETIME HOLISTIC HEALER CHIROPODIST(Court Certified) I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF, and I attend to the needs of others, WHO SUFFER FROM 21st CENTURY DIS-ease.   My experience;   MTS is a great contributor to 21st Century DIS-ease.

All MTS does is yell at me, “GET AN ATTORNEY!”  I can't afford "$30,000.00 DOLLARS UP-FRONT MONEY”, NOR CAN I AFFORD "$300.00 DOLLARS/HOUR". 


About this same time, (Union Trib;3-17-17);  “MTS CEO Paul Jablonski, has received a $12,556.00 DOLLARS raise and a $24,000.00 DOLLARS bonus to be placed in his retirement account…”  the 3.5 percent pay increase boosts Jablonski’s annual salary to $371,316.00 DOLLARS from $358,760.00 DOLLARS, according to board records. The raise was retroactive to January.”  AND MTS IS TALKING ABOUT RAISING FARES?!??  He yelled at me, “You can’t expect us to be responsible for buses that are 8 years old!”  I told him, “Mr., YOU PUT THEM ON THE STEETS, KNOWING GOOD AND WELL THAT THEY HAD DEFECTIVE DOORS!”

My other Claim; “DUMPED AT QUALCOM “, January 20, 2017.  About 4:30p.m., I jumped a trolley to SDSU, DURING THE WORST STORM OF THE CENTURY.    The trolley stopped at QUALCOM and the Conductor came and told us;  “YOU MUST GET OFF!”.  MTS DUMPED  +50 of us off the trolley into the rain, wind, cold, with no protection.  I asked the conductor, “Can’t we wait in here until another trolley comes?  It’s cold, wet, windy and raining out there!”  And my busted elbow hurt like hell.  He told me, “No, I’ve got to get this one back to the yard.”  AND DROVE OFF.  HOW DID HE GET 'BACK TO THE YARD'??????????????

We waited there in that God forsaken place for over 1/2 an hour, 30 minutes of HELL, WITH  NO SHELTER.   Finally another trolley came and took us to SDSU, where we waited for a #215 MTS bus for +45 minutes. Supervisor Held tells me, “heavy rain caused track flooding that resulted in your train being cut from service.  Loss of service from excessive rainfall is both rare and out of our control,”  SUPERVISOR HELD SAYS Nothing about MTS’ IN-HUMANE, INSENSITIVE, HUMANISTIC ACTIONS AGAINST MTS PAID CUSTOMERS!


On May 23, 2017 I FILED my LAW SUIT against MTS, in San Diego Superior Court, for PERSONAL INJURY.  Shortly thereafter I received a phone call from Adam Racusin, Channel 10 Reporter, asking to meet and discuss my Law Suit, regarding MTS’ GROSS NEGLIGENT DANGEROUS DOORS. 

Adam and cameraman, Steve, came and interviewed me and did a wonderful job of informing the public of this Social Danger.  I was both delighted and thrilled to be a part of such a WONDERFUL investigative and informative Report.  Adam told me that he had also informed his associate in L.A., regarding MTS' GROSS NEGLIGENT DOORS. 



Respectfully submitted by;

Nancy L. Cuskaden