The Native American Women Warriors are the First Ever Recognized all Native American Women Color Guard

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They strive to bring awareness of the many Women Veterans especially Native Women Veterans. To Honor those from the past and who are currently serving.

The group is dedicated to surfacing the recognition of women veterans, especially those of Native American descent, and their contribution to the military that represented our indigenous people and the United States of America. Their goal is to assist our Native American women veterans in receiving the help desperately needed to empower themselves in order take on modern challenges in: transisting from the military to civilian sector, housing, education, employment, VA benefits awareness, domestic violence, locating child care and any other needs our Native American women veterans may have. We also aim to empower our women with a powerful mind, body and spirit.

Learn more by visiting their website:

Mitchelene BigMan-President/Founder, Crow Nation, Army; Arlene Duncan Vice President / White Earth Nation / Marines; Angel Young- Secretary, Standing Rock Lakota / Army; Deana Deere-Aissaoui, Kiowa & Ponca, Marine Corps; Lisa Graham, Lumbee & Cherokee, Army & Navy; Josie Porter, Crow Nation, Navy; Belinda RunningWolf, Lakota, Marine Corps; Tomi Phillips, Lakota, Army; Janet Alkire, Lakota, Army; Brenda WhiteBull, Lakota, Marine Corps; Arlene secartaco, Navajo & Santo Domingo Pueblo, Army; Charlyne Hunt, Waccamaw Siouan, North Carolina Army National Guard.