Council of American Indian Organizations Reaches Out to Our Youth

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The newly organized Council of American Indian Organizations recently celebrated a one year anniversary milestone. During this time there has been much attention to organizational paperwork and community building. The collective effort on the part of the members assures lively and animated monthly meetings. Sensitive and sometimes intimate cultural issues are discussed in a supportive and comfortable setting.

Snap 2013-11-07 at 11.53.11Serious organizational work is balanced with socializing and lighthearted sharing. Last months meeting was held at the Mental Health Office. Humor and food are a unifying attraction. Shirley Murphy a veteran of the US Navy makes sure that academic discipline is enforced when necessary. She was unanimously voted to continue her position of Chairwoman. She states: The loose discourse and dialogue is my favorite mode of conducting a meeting. We all contribute in an accepting and affirming milieu. Nothing like brilliant silliness preceding the intricacies of exciting but mind numbing formation of bylaws.

Collective sharing allows a cordial meeting of friendly and brilliant American Indian minds, allowing us to take a strong and committed sense of ownership of our organization.

The COAIO is focused on preserving our indigenous culture and providing the education necessary for a sustainable healthy future for our youth and generations to come.