The Sacred Peace Walk is now! We're still shopping and printing signs, and walkers from all over the country have started to arrive. Our beloved Fr. Louis Vitale will be joining us instead of going to prison again (a mildly bittersweet blessing--see below).

A full issue of Desert Voices will come out in April, but we want to give advance thanks to everyone  for supporting our annual desert sojourn of prayer and resistance. If you're not coming, you can still help by offering up a spring time prayer for good weather for the walk and the flourishing of justice everywhere. Now that's a proper use of a remote location, (as opposed to firing a Hellfire missile from a Reaper drone)!

Click here for more details on the Sacred Peace Walk.

Click here to sponsor a low-income walker, and help NDE bring people to the desert in peacemaking prayerfulness now and into the future.

Walkingly yours,
Jim Haber, NDE Coordinator