The Longest Walk 5 (Feb. 13-July 15, 2016)

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On the way to Washington, DC, drug and alcohol-free warriors began ceremony at the Barona Reservation to prepare for the 3600-mile walk.  Planning on stopping at reservations along the path, the walkers have a mission “to cross this continent on foot, seeking cultural and spiritual solutions to ending drug abuse and domestic violence”.  The warriors intend to talk to Indian people along the way to gather solutions.  

Washington is the final stop because, in the words of the brilliant Dennis Banks, “you’re the ones who did this to us.  We are trying to fix it.  You took so much from us.  It’s time to give back.”
Barona Reservation hosted the first day—the beautiful beginning, with women and children in traditional clothes and regalia, tasty food, inspiring talks, dancing, and music.  Anthony Pico talked about the psychology of why young people chose the destructive path.  He and others shared with us how hard it is to get off the destructive path and how awful it is for the people left behind when a young person choses to kill themselves.  The second day took place on the beach at Kellogg Park.  Once ancestors set canoes from there in search for food from the ocean.  This time, walking warriors left for the next stop, the San Pasqual Reservation.