Tribal Shooting: when will it happen again?

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It is surprising to us that this has not happened sooner.  Corruption by tribal leaders has grown since Indian Gaming. And the desperation is growing, after losing heritage, rights, land and yes, money.

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, in Temecula has eliminated 25% of their tribe, and have stolen over $450 MILLION from those members as detailed here:

The Pala Band of Luiseno Indians has terminated the rights of 15% of their tribe and you can find details of that at:

Up North, at the Redding Rancheria, the tribe forced members of the Foremen family to dig up their ancester for a DNA test.  When that test came back overwhelmingly proving ancestry they still removed the family from the tribe, including their first chairman.

It's so bad up in Coarsegold, near Fresno that the Chukchansi tribe has eliminated 70% of their membership, have three "leadership" factions and they even terminated an original language speaker!

It's past time for the Times to do more than call these, "membership disputes" which is akin to kicking someone out of the PTA.   These are civil and human rights violations, pure and simple and tribes are doing this under the eyes of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  I am attaching a media kit which will help on background.  For your consideration I have cc'd people from the tribes mentioned plus the NOOKSACK tribe and The Enterprise Rancheria, which could help expand the story.

We need someone to tell it.  IS THIS what tribes meant by self-reliance?   Theft, Elder Abuse, Loss of Heritage?


Rick Cuevas
Original Pechanga's Blog