David Reyna Housing Development Coordinator

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David Reyna is one of a few certified housing counselors at Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Orange County (CCCSOC); a non-profit HUD approved housing counseling agency. The counselors on staff are able to assist distressed homeowners for free in working with their lender to obtain a workout resolution such as a loan modification. The counselors serve as a liaison between the homeowner and lender and always have the best interest of the homeowner. The counselors have had great success in dealing with lenders because of their expertise in handling various issues and their ability to have access to lenders that homeowners do not.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Orange County is dedicated to assisting consumers achieve financial stability through education and counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Orange County was founded in 1966 by a group of local business owners who recognized the lack of resources for families in the need of financial counseling and education. The organizers, many from banking, retail, finance companies, legal or other related fields joined together to volunteer their time and knowledge to assist those who were facing difficult financial times.

Located in donated space in the basement of the Bank of America in downtown Santa Ana the agency counseled families and established repayment plans known as a Debt Management Plan or DMP. Today the counselors and staff at CCCS-OC are all certified and paid team members while remaining a non-profit organizations.

Education is the cornerstone of our organization and the agency offers more than 30 different education courses, mostly for free to the residents of Orange County and Southern California.

More than 21,000 youth and adults attended of our workshops in 2011 and more than 8,000 clients met with a counselor for services including financial counseling, housing or foreclosure prevention, reverse mortgage, bankruptcy or debt management all again with no or low costs.

Today more than 40 Team Members working from one of 6 Orange County locations are available by phone, internet or face to face to meet the needs of the many individuals or families that make up Orange County.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service is the nation’s oldest and largest credit counseling organization as a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. We’ve helped tens of thousands of people regain control over their finances and repay their debts. In doing so, we’ve also earned the trust of creditors nationwide. And because of that trust, creditors are willing to work with CCCS clients to make the job of repayment easier. One call from CCCS and most creditors will stop the collection phone calls, letters, and legal actions giving you the chance you need to get back on track and regain your peace of mind.