Hello Friends of Mount Shasta, Weed and Planetary Water,

Weed Area Water Alliance’s Petition for Writ of Mandate will be heard on Thursday February 22, 2018 from 9:00 to noon at Siskiyou County Superior Court in Yreka. The Courthouse is located at: 311 4th Street Yreka, 2nd Floor in Board of Supervisors Hearing Room. We hope you will show up and show your support for this critical issue!
Water is Sacred~Water is Life~Water is a Public Trust
Come support the people of Weed in protecting their environment, their water and their quality of life. Please join us~ and for those who cannot attend in person, hold us in the light of Truth, Justice, Purity of Nature and Awareness of our responsibility to protect our mountain home.
The trial described below was rescheduled from February 9th to this Thursday for those who recall our previous invitation two weeks ago.
The issue to be decided is whether the City’s Water Lease Agreement (WLA) with Roseburg Forest Products should be subject to CEQA (the California Environmental Quality Act). WAWA seeks a writ of mandate to compel the City to conduct a review under the California Environmental Quality Act or CEQA.
When the City Council approved the Water Lease Agreement on April 14, 2016, it determined that the Water Lease Agreement was exempt from CEQA’s requirements of an environmental review because it involved existing facilities.  WAWA argues that this determination was flawed because the Water Lease Agreement involves historic changes, reducing the City’s primary water source by 25%, forfeiting any rights to Beaughan Springs at the end of the lease term, and requiring the City to allow Roseburg Forest Products to discharge its industrial effluents into the City’s sewer main. Citizens argued that acceptance of RFP's toxic Superfund sit industrial waste required environmental review under CEQA regulations.
Additionally, Roseburg Forest Products has had numerous North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board permit violations over the past 6 years. This is a pattern that must be acknowledged and stopped.
For more information about our local water issues see the WAWA website linked below.
Always in Gratitude,
Water Flows Free