Substance Abuse Update: October 11, 2013

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Substance Abuse Committee: Eric La Chappa, Mark Romero, David “Wolf” Diaz & Anthony Pico

SCTCA Staff: Denis Turner, Executive Director & Recording Secretary

The Committee discussed various aspects of an upcoming joint meeting between both Indian Health Clinics.  Chairman Romero recently spoke with Carolina Manzano who is the CEO for the Southern Indian Heath Clinic about a possible joint meeting between both clinics boards of directors and Ms.Manzano said she was in favor of such a meeting.

Chairman Pico recently spoke with Chairman Elliott who is a board member for the Southern Indian Health Clinic in regards to a joint meeting and Chairman Elliott encouraged such a meeting to take place in the near future. I recently spoke with Chairman Smith who is a member of Rincon Indian Health Clinic in regards to this matter and Chairman Smith informed me that they have had such clinic meetings in the past.

The date for this meeting has been set for October 29th, 10:00am at the Cocina Del Charro restaurant board room in Escondido. The agenda for this meeting will be examining the feasibility and methodology of creating a residential adult treatment facility within one of the local reservations without encroaching on funding for the clinics.  Edward Grijalva LISAC, CRSS will be a guest at this meeting who is bringing valuable information on this subject.  Edward has extensive firsthand knowledge through managing and directing Compass Treatment facility in Tucson Arizona and the importance of implementing the Trauma Informed Care approach combined with the ACE study at the facility.

The Committee also wants to look into exploratory grants for pursuing a residential treatment facility. An exploratory grant actually provides the funding needed to develop a state of the art business plan for a culturally appropriate program.

The committee also discussed instituting an educational program to educate the tribal leaders in regards to such a facility.   So that the leaders may better inform their councils and raise awareness in order to gain support for such an important aspect of bringing healing to the communities. This program could possibly be presented by Dr. Leon Altimaro.