A Growing Corporate Technocracy

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How Government and Corporations Deny Populist Economic Freedom

By Scott Andrews


A small minority of brave hopefuls rebelled against the English crown to form the United States. Despite holding opposing views, they joined to undertake the risk of revolution in order to secure the freedom of individuals from kings. The colonists’ demanded fundamental freedoms - lives not dominated by the state, freedoms granted not by some king or church official, but inherent human rights granted by a creator. Rights deemed fundamental are not subject to some all-powerful monarch in league with baron landowners.

The American revolution extended to citizens rights previously held only by king and barons. Revolutionaries in Philadelphia created the Constitution that declared peoples’ rights to be fundamental - not subject to the whim of a king, dictator, president, or party in control of Congress.


In Europe, hundreds of years prior to the founding of America, people were subjects of a king. People were ruled by both the King’s Law and God’s Law, and also controlled by titled barons who owned the land.

Then, in 1215, the barons, tired of being treated like chattel, met with King John in a large field at Runnymede. There they laid the law down to John. Saying he could not return to his castle until he agreed, they forced him to sign the Magna Carta, or “The Great Charter of the Liberties”.

The Magna Carta weakened the divine right of kings. It made barons less subject to illegal imprisonment in dungeons, and gave them "access to swift justice, and limitations of feudal payments to the Crown." [feudalism saw barons own the land on which the people working it were feudal serfs, renting farms or shops. This system gave people under invasions safety in the baron’s castle, but it left them exposed to a landowner's eviction, which could bring famine, starvation, disease, and death.

A million Irish died when a British king kicked them off the land. This is why private property rights are so critical to be in the hands of individuals. The people’s right to own land forms the foundation for the other rights now guaranteed in the Constitution's Bill of Rights - like the protections against enslavement and false imprisonment, and the right to a fair trial, jury, and appeal.


The Constitution’s right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” included the rights to property and privacy.

The Constitution separated church and state, and would eventually extend to all citizens the rights previously reserved for the rich and powerful.

Re the right to privacy, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US, to prevent more attacks by foreign nationals, Congress voted to allow the CIA to operate inside the United States by forming the FBI/CIA Joint Terrorism Task Force. If the JTTF has no doubt prevented further such disasters, it has also taken advantage of its metadata collection on all American citizens to greatly exceed its original power.

The JTTF has invaded our right to property and the attendant rights to privacy and assembly. Joining with the National Security Agency (NSA), the JTTF’s CIA and FBI are now spying on our homes, apartments, places of business, and cars.

Working in league with major hi tech corporations like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter, the federal government now tracks our calls, emails, associates, license plates, shopping, and travel every day in real time.

Investigative reporter George Webb has uncovered other espionage by JTTF that gives them absolute control over our elected representatives. Webb, intensely patriotic, admits to working in computer sales, and says he supported Obama and Sanders.

With his encyclopedic knowledge of history, geopolitics, international business and diplomacy, travel, and spying, he must have worked for an intelligence agency as well. In hundreds of daily videos released on TruthLsieaks.com, he is revealing many secrets the government doesn’t want you to know.


One claim made by Webb is that the JTTF is setting up the powerful to be compromised, to be subject to the agency’s control and blackmail.

Besides collecting personal secrets on various tv and digital devices, JTTF apparently “brownstones” Congress members, NATO generals, corporate ceos, Washington bureaucrats, and international diplomats. When these individuals meet in DC or Davos, after the daily schedule of meetings, they are invited to parties at various brownstones, mansions, or penthouses in world capitals. They were there to meet attractive young women or men, and after subsequent parties, may be “relaxed” by drink or drugs enough to use a brownstone bedroom. Seems the CIA has low light cameras, and further that some of the attractive bait are underage. Film in hand, the CIA now effectively owns top world and US officials, able to control them under threat of revealing film that could discredit or jail those invited as marks to the parties.


Using digital devices, the federal government can also ruin the lives of the less powerful, everyday American citizen.

We now know the FBI and NSA track all our communications every day.

They can use this metadata against us in court, or to spy on and intimidate political activity. And, corporations like Google, YouTube, and Twitter are now censoring what used to be a free world wide web.

Many Americans are now pushing back against the extent of government/corporation spying on innocent citizens. Both the Occupy Movement and Tea Party had major candidates for president, and both are concerned with the power of central big banks deemed too big to fail.

On websites like Zerohedge.com and Axios.com, people are learning how the macro economy run by banking corporations like Citigroup and Goldman Sachs used the Great Recession as an excuse to eliminate bank interest on savings and CDs, and to restrict credit for job creating small businesses.


The personal computer allows any American to start a small business or non-profit to serve their community. But this great new freedom of opportunity is threatened.

People want to be free to demonstrate or communicate their political beliefs without being spied on. And we want interest on our hard earned savings restored by the banks.

Any citizen, activist, entrepreneur, or reporter who the government deems is out of line, threatening a program or politician's lifetime career by opposing or revealing the truth about their activities, is now subject to an abuse of power that exceeds the right of kings.

Voters can now be compromised, charged by the government with violations of the Patriot Act should emails reveal “dangerous” or “subversive” writing or actions.

And to stifle needed reforms, false data of a personal nature or crime regarding fake associates or made-up finances can now be inserted into a citizen's laptop hard drive or iPhone without the knowledge of the owner, creating “evidence” the FBI, CIA, JTTF, NSA, FCC, DHS, or IRS can pursue.