Fresno City Council District 5 Candidate Paula Yang

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Paula Yang - Candidate

Her Current Occupation is a News Anchor with The Hmong Channel 16.5 which is aired locally in Fresno and online. Hence, their audience includes the United States and regional areas such as Southeast Asia.

Her education and qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Marketing and an Associates of Arts in Legal Studies at the Central California College of Law.

She is a voice of the people. Her work and volunteer responsibilities consist of domestic violence and veteran’s right advocacy, crime prevention and maintaining family togetherness. Her heart is touched by the downtrodden people who struggle to access the American Dream. As a refugee from Laos since 1976, she understands the concerns of Fresno residents and felt compelled to be a voice in the decisions that affect that city as she and her loved ones have lived in Fresno most of their lives.

She can bring to the office my practical life experience of advocacy and legislative activism within the Central Valley. Due to its agricultural benefits, Fresno has the largest concentration of Hmong in America. Her strong Hmong patriarch family roots are drawn from elder respect, who taught us to strive at being good citizens while attaining education as a pathway to our future.

In 2009, as a proud advocate and cultural icon stood for the late General Vang Pao and 11 veteran leaders falsely accused of over-throwing the country of Laos. In District 5 Latino community DUI cases, hit and run crimes, murder/suicide cases; She has spoken enough advocacies. It is time to LEAD our communities to a higher-level involving policy changes that benefit all communities while aligning different cultures together bringing livelihood to our city. She was requested by the former General Vang Pao to assist the SGU Veterans of America along side of Dr. Charlie Waters, William Dietzel in representing all the Hmong Veterans residing in America. They formed a non-profit organization. Signed up new members and maintained old members with new goals and visions set forth by General Vang Pao. Dr. Charlie Water and Ms. Paula Yang work side by side with Congressman, Jim Costa since that time awaiting Congress to approve a Bill that will allow an honorable burial for these SGU Hmong Veterans.

Ms. Paula Yang is a prolific speaker, who has decades of experience speaking about difficult topics to varied audiences. She is compassionate for Hmong women and children and the non-represented Hmong Veterans. Her expertise in the fields of domestic violence, human trafficking, political rallies, and lobbying for legislative change has afforded her multiple opportunities to interview individuals and groups, observe first-hand situations and research topics outside of her comfort zone to enable her to educate individuals and professionals on challenging social issues of our modern time. She has a strong background in advocacy work for Hmong veterans, domestic violence against women/teens/children with emphasis in lobbing for change, politically and socially.

Her high energy and passion is inspirational for condemning Domestic Violence/Human Trafficking and through the platforms of social media, public speaking to develop community collaboration and awareness to end Domestic Violence in our community.

Her education includes, a pending M.A. in History and Gender Studies, B.A. Business Administration/Marketing, A.A. Legal Studies Central California College of Law.

Her current News Anchor and talk show “Your Voice with Paula Yang” positions with HmongUSATV 31.9 and HmongTV 16.5 of Fresno, California is the culmination of expertise, research, public outreach and training she has acquired through a lifetime of social activism, functioning as a human resources manager at various corporation, to an educator and advocate for the elderly. Her current position as CEO of the Hmong Sisterhood of Fresno, Inc. enables her to continue her work within the Hmong community as an advocate for battered women and children as well as advocate for Domestic Violence victims/families of murder homicide suicide cases nationwide. Her other public speaking experience included traveling with the former General Vang Pao, a legendary leader of the Hmong people across the world speaking out on ending DV and prevention of DV and Murder Suicide Homicide in the Hmong Community.


Recipient of Award/Recognition from the City of Merced Police Deptartment by the Chief

City Citizen’s Award –Advocacy; Public speaking of Master’s Ceremony

National Activist/Advocate for Injustice Cased in the Hmong Community

Chairperson in coordinating the Miss Hmong New Year for 1994 through 1997

Served as Commissioner for the City of Fresno on Human Relations Committee

Served as board member for the City of Fresno City Mayor ’s committee for grants

Spokesperson/Personal Interpreter for the great General Vang Pao, leader of the Hmong People from Laos

Advocate for Hmong Veterans and Widows of Hmong Veterans & Children of War

Ms. Yvonne-Cher Skye is a writer for Indian Voices and is acting as a personal assistant, researcher, and writer for her campaign in Fresno. Up until the election day, articles will be made available to keep you informed of this prolific woman who has already made the world a better place for countless individuals and will continue to do so as it is her life calling regardless of her social standing, or vocational endeavors.

 Yvonne-Cher Skye