Rogue Playhouse: The Players

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...The Wizard, Chris, the magician, Gigi, working her magic in the downstairs wardrobe, or the builders, Steve, Randy and Rich, and resident artist, Rick. “It's done with mirrors” my husband used to say.


And Gigi was a magician's assistant. But I've spent most of my life being pragmatic.


My coming out has been theater.


Theater youths nick named me “Cash” early on.


Ideas discussed in round table soon become dollar signs in my head, and the logistics of how to get from inception to the bank.


Plan “A”. It makes my heart beat faster.


What can I say?


Can't forget procurement, hostessing and booking agent.


Kerri's not just beautiful, she's very can-do with perfect aplomb.


Anyone who can raise four wonderful kids and always be ready with a smile has got a gift.


Newcomer Elaine brings another gift to the table, that of grant writing and a wealth of fund-raising ideas, plus a beautiful daughter, Beth, who can be seen on any given Thursday working with the magician in wardrobe.


Except that now she's in a play in Brookings, which we will all be attending.