Wash it Away - Alec Berard and Jason Mackie

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Editorial Note: I have known Alec off and on for most of his life.  I am privileged to know him again after he has weathered one of the most difficult storms in his life. His willingness to explore his creative self and allow us along for the ride as he interprets who he is, and who can be is a gift that we all can appreciate. It is by sharing his songs and his talents, that we hope that others can see the changes that they too can cause in a hopeless situation. - Yvonne-Cher Skye

Alec: This song is about struggle with addiction, questioning myself and being blinded. Ultimately realizing what was best for me and questioning if it will ever return.

 Verse 1
All i want to feel is the rain,
falling on my pain.
Everyday seems the same.
I cant wash away this stain.
You know i cant complain when you take away today
and i throw it all away.

Pre Chorus
Can i survive another day stuck in time?
Can i survive all alone? 

Can you dream like i can?
Can you see me where i am?
Will you face me again?
Will you chase me in the end?

Verse 2 
All I saw last was your face.
It felt like such a waste.
But it made me want to chase
and do all that it will take.
I remember such a place,
all the way in outerspace
and I threw it all away.

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